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Tokyo Night Life Guide

Posted by in Regional: Countries: Japan  ~  May 28, 2012 01:09:19 PM

If you are looking for a bit of nocturnal action in Japan, metropolitan Tokyo would indeed be the place to mingle with its populace of over 8 million people (at least for a while.) Nighttime festivities here commence almost as soon as the offices close for the day – around 5 pm-ish – and can last until 5 in the morning. You can even catch a jump-packed show as late as 3 am if that is your choice, and ride home on the first trains that will run for the day.

However, if you really want to enjoy the night, you should remember to bring loads of cash or at least a couple of credit cards on you. Tokyo is very expensive. The taxi fare alone can cost you a couple of hundred bucks. Because of this, most nocturnal denizens of Tokyo go club hopping, but they only hop only short distances away; preferably someplace where they don’t have to take a ride anywhere. Sometimes these hops are even conveniently close to where they live or the offices where they work.

Speaking of expenses, you may want to reconcile yourself with the fact that things here in Tokyo will cost you much. Also, it would be wise to bring along a Japanese tomodachi (friend) or at least someone who has been in the city well enough. They can also steer you clear of places where foreigners are least welcome. As with Japanese custom, a visitor may only be given admittance if a patron of the said location presents you, so to speak, at the door. Bullying the doorman or offering bribes is a big no-no in the eyes of Japanese polite society, so it would be best not to push your luck. Assuredly enough, any misdemeanor of this kind will only gain you a one-way ticket to the nearest police station; and perhaps, even a lifetime of banishment from the said bar or club.

Clubs can charge you astronomical covers even before you can get a seat, so try to temper your surprise when they ask you to plunk at least $200 at the door – and that’s per head. Tokyo is home to karaoke joints, private clubs and all manner of themed discos. You may want to check out the Roppongi District since this place is lined and peppered with restaurants and bars and other happening places. We do have one recommendation, though.

The restaurant Rokkon is always a great place to enjoy quality Japanese food and sake. If you prefer a more traditional night-out, then we highly recommend this place. You can seat yourself on the floor (Japanese-style) or ask the seating host or hostess that you would prefer tables and chairs (Western-style.) We, however, would advise you to brush up on your Hiragana and Kanji because the menu here is strictly Japanese, with an all Japanese staff. You could bring a Japanese friend along, if you prefer. Rokkon is situated at Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku.