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Five Fun Swimming Pool Games

Posted by in Recreation: Sports: Water Sports: Swimming and Diving  ~  March 22, 2012 11:20:05 PM

Swimming is one of the most common summer outdoor activities that children look forward to when they get out of school. Luckily, there are quite a few games that you can play in order keep the swimming pool hopping this summer. Here are five fun swimming pool games for you to try out the next time you head to the pool:

1. Marco Polo

Almost everyone who has ever been in a swimming pool knows what the game Marco Polo is. It is like a combination of tag and hide and seek, but one person keeps their eyes closed. The person who keeps their eyes closed will say “Marco,” and the other people in the pool will say “Polo.” The goal for the person with closed eyes is to find the other people in the pool based only on their voice.

2. Ring Toss

If you are looking for a fun pool game that many people can take part in, consider ring toss. There are pool rings which you can purchase at recreation stores that sell pool toys, but keep in mind that other small ring-shaped objects work well too. A good example of an item that you can use is hair ties. Someone throws all of the rings to the bottom of the pool, at the same distance. Swimmers line up at the other end of the pool, and race to see who gets the rings first. With the right competitive group of people, this game can last for hours.

3. Tube Race

Swimmers will each get on a tube. Doughnut hole tubes work the best, but keep in mind that all of the tubes should be the same. The swimmers will race to the other side. Whoever reaches and touches the end of the pool first wins. If you really want to amp up the game, then you can allow the players to dump the others. If anyone falls off the tube, then they have to start at the beginning all over again.

4. London Bridge

Two people will hold both of their arms together, in the shape of a bridge. They will sing the song “London Bridge is Falling Down,” while each of the players walks under the bridge. After each person has gone under once, the arms will be gradually lowered for each new round. Eventually, the swimmers will need to swim under water to get beneath the bridge. If they touch the bridge, they are out. Continue until only one swimmer remains.

5. Basketball

You can purchase a basketball and hoop at almost any store that sells pool toys. There are many types of basketball hoops for swimming pools, but most of them float on top of the water. The same rules that apply to an ordinary game of basketball apply to basketball that is played in the pool. The only real difference is that swimmers will be in the water.

These are five fun swimming pool games that will keep people playing for hours. Keep in mind that there are many other games that can be enjoyed in the swimming pool as well. When playing games in the pool, it is important to put safety first. All children should be monitored by an adult when playing swimming pool games.